The Qabalah

Tree of LifeIt was by way of the Mystical Qabalah by Dion Fortune that I first experienced the power and life transforming nature of the Qabalah. Through the teachings and practices did I first meet the Angels of the Tree and get but a glimmer of the truth far beyond myself.

The Qabalah is made up of 10 sephirah’s and Daath. I keep Daath separate because it is the hidden sephirah and should be considered last. The ten sephirah’s and Daath are arranged on the Tree of Life and it is through these spheres that we come to understand God, the universe and ourselves.

As we come to know the sephirah’s we see that they are at first viewed from a linear perspective, that being of up and down, the fall and rising up or returning home. At birth it is said that we descend the tree, fall, to Earth/Malkuth and through that fall we take a piece from each sephirah that our soul needs in order to complete its intended soul work on Earth/Malkuth

Throughout our life cycle it is our souls work to take what was given and to rise back up the Tree, merging and learning until we are home again with God….

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