Take a Moment


SilenceI want you to take a moment….. Just close your eyes and breathe, one, two, three.Now I would like you to visualize yourself standing in this place and as you breathe in feel yourself connecting to everything around you…. the flowers, the trees, the earth underneath your feet and breathe.

As you breathe you will begin to feel the healing energy of this forest as it moves up and through you, peace settles upon you.

Take a moment and listen it’s ancient wisdom…. there is a message here for you. A key that will help you along your path…. Listen

When you are done…. Slowly bring your consciousness back to this plane. Feel your body, feel your breath once more as it moves through you, feel the peace and open your eyes.

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A Simple Meditation

MeditationI want you to close your eyes for a moment…. Let’s take a moment to relax. Breath in deeply through your nose and then slowly release it through your mouth…..  Take a deep breath in and as you breathe out on release of all negative thoughts and feelings, just let yourself relax….   Breathe in again, and feel your body releasing all tension and stress…… and you relax.  Breathe in again and feel yourself begin to float above the round as you are enveloped in a cocoon of perfect love and trust.
Now as you breathe in, I want you to focus on your heart chakra…  that place in the center of your chests that houses your heart…. and as you breathe in I want you to focus on love. Think of someone that you love, feel that feeling…. Once again breathing in, focusing on your heart chakra and feeling the love as it permeates your spirit and fills your aura with a soft pink light….. and release.  Breathe in again focusing on your heart chakra and the amazing love that you feel as the soft pink light moves around and through you… and release.
Now slowly come back to yourself and feel the peace that you have created for yourself. It’s that simple.
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The Qabalah

Tree of LifeIt was by way of the Mystical Qabalah by Dion Fortune that I first experienced the power and life transforming nature of the Qabalah. Through the teachings and practices did I first meet the Angels of the Tree and get but a glimmer of the truth far beyond myself.

The Qabalah is made up of 10 sephirah’s and Daath. I keep Daath separate because it is the hidden sephirah and should be considered last. The ten sephirah’s and Daath are arranged on the Tree of Life and it is through these spheres that we come to understand God, the universe and ourselves.

As we come to know the sephirah’s we see that they are at first viewed from a linear perspective, that being of up and down, the fall and rising up or returning home. At birth it is said that we descend the tree, fall, to Earth/Malkuth and through that fall we take a piece from each sephirah that our soul needs in order to complete its intended soul work on Earth/Malkuth

Throughout our life cycle it is our souls work to take what was given and to rise back up the Tree, merging and learning until we are home again with God….

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The Wise Women Circle

triple_goddess_by_wolfnixie132I have always envisioned a place where all beliefs could come together and share ideas. A place where one could think and grow, a place of learning and of sharing. Heart to heart. Wise women teaching. The awakening of the crone and embracing the power within. From a seed a tree will grow, then a grove and yet forest as far as the eye can see.
Welcome to the circle of the wise women. You have awakened the crone within….  Your creative center is in your vaginal cortex (Cave) it is here that we take a man to love; it is here that we carry life; it is here that we bring life forth. It is sacred and must be honored as such. This is why rape is such a violation. It is our seat of power, our seat of creation. It is here that we give and also receive. It is the well of life.
The Crone knows that it is time to use our voice, to stand for humanity, to fight for the rightness of  things, to support those you go before and to help those who are coming up.
Welcome to the wise women circle…. Welcome Isis, Persephone, Demeter, Hecate, Aphrodite, and Hara.
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